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In normal language usage, the noun " feeling" is often used as being the same as emotion. search only for feling. of an inhumanly cruel nature; fierce: fell hordes. volvo occasion le bon coin. with over 100 years combined industry sales experience, we have the answers to your transport needs. is an iso 9001 certified quality management system, wbenc- certified wbe company, and an eoe equal opportunity employer. felling trailers, inc. mory.

why choose felling trailers? to sew or finish ( a seam) with the raw edges flattened, turned under, and stitched down. felling, the trailer experts. on est revenus. importantly, feeling is also termed as a self- contained physiological experienc. scots sharp and biting. feeling: [ noun] the one of the basic physical senses of which the skin contains the chief end organs and of which the sensations of touch and temperature are characteristic : touch. capable of destroying; lethal: a fell blow. it can be termed as a perception of physiological events within the body.

felled, fell· ing, fells. generalized bodily consciousness or sensation. from standard to custom felling has the solution to your transport needs. synonyms for feeling: chord, emotion, passion, sentiment, heartstrings, passions, sensibilities, belief; antonyms for feeling: callousness, coldheartedness, hard.

[ middle english fel, from old french, variant of felon; see felon1. appreciative or responsive awareness or recognition. what is the etymology of the word felon? to cause to fall by striking; cut or knock down: fell a tree; fell an opponent in boxing. how long has felling' s been in business? a sensation experienced through this sense. to kill: was felled by an assassin' s bullet.

at felling trailers, we having been providing innovative solutions to your specialized transport needs for over 45 years. however, in psychology, and in this feling article, feeling is used as a technical term which means a generalized bodily consciousness of a physiological sensation. dire; sinister: by some fell chance.

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