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Tangibles def

Other words for tangible 1 palpable, corporeal. possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete. now it had become almost tangible to the impressionable janet, who avidly read her sister marie' s letters. the result is a wilderness of ethereal beauty, teeming with wildlife that regards human beings as curious oddities, and a haunting loneliness that is almost tangible. what does tangible and intangible mean? what does the word tangible mean? intangibility is used in marketing to describe the inability to assess the value gained from engaging in an activity using any tangible evidence.

comprehensible by the mind; understandable. tangible means tangibles clearly seen to exist. tangible: [ adjective] capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch : palpable. capable of being touched or felt; having real substance: a tangible object. what is an example of tangible? convulser.

this lifting of winter' s dreich saturation can be almost tangible. noun something tangible, especially a tangible asset. hure. what is tangible writing? the definition of tangible is being touchable or real. tangible used as an adjective: touchable; able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch; palpable. ( often plural) a tangible thing or asset. an example of tangible is the pyramid of giza as an example of egyptian tangibles def history. capable of being perceived by the sense of touch a firm belief in the existence of the soul, even though it is not at all tangible synonyms for tangible palpable, touchable near antonyms for tangible bodiless, formless, immaterial, incorporeal, insubstantial, nonmaterial, nonphysical, unbodied, unsubstantial abstract, ethereal, spiritual, unreal,.

comprehensible to the human mind. substantially real : material. capable of being clearly grasped by the mind; substantial rather than imaginary: tangible evidence. ( law) having a physical existence; corporeal: tangible assets. see synonyms for tangible on thesaurus. terciopelo. of an asset) having actual physical existence, as real estate or chattels, and therefore capable of being assigned a value in monetary terms. exhibiting physical, touchable form; capable of being perceived by sight and by touch. it is often used to describe services where there is no tangible product that the customer can purchase, that can be seen or touched.

2 certain, genuine, perceptible. what is the true definition of the word tangible? ( ˈtændʒəbəl) adj. intangible is it' s opposite.

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