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Définition coercitive

In addition to the threat of or limited use of force ( or both), coercion may entail economic sanctions, psychological définition pressures, and social ostracism. what does coercive or coercitive force mean? see also synonyms for: coercively. par exemple : depuis qu' il a obtenu son poste de directeur général, il exerce un pouvoir coercitif qui lui vaut quelques inimitiés et ne l' aide pas à asseoir son autorité. le terme coercitif signifie qui contraint, il peut donc s' utiliser après un nom afin de désigner quelque chose qui oblige, qui exerce une contrainte physique ou psychologique. traduction coach. meet grammar coach. vous cherchez peut- être coercitif adj. qui agit par contrainte.

what is another word for coercive? coercitif, coercitive adjectif ( latin coercitum, de coercere, contraindre) qui agit par contrainte : mesures coercitives. information and translations of coercitive in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. franche comté département.

beside above, what does non punitive mean? the meaning of coercive is serving or intended to coerce. improve your writing. roget' s 21st century thesaurus, third edition copyright © by the philip lief group. coépouse - coéquation - coéquipier - coercible -. what does coercive mean? coercion, threat or use of punitive measures against states, groups, or individuals in order to force them to undertake or desist from specified actions. definition of coercitive in the definitions.

how to use coercive in a sentence. citroen z x. meaning of coercitive. the term “ coercion” is used to describe the act of forcing or intimidating someone to do what you want them to do. le bon coin immobilier montauban 82000. champ coercitif expressions champ définition coercitive coercitif, valeur du champ magnétique pour laquelle l' induction est nulle. for example, coercion is what every schoolyard bully uses when he tells another student to give up his lunch money to the bully or risk being beaten up. numbers: of men, weapons, equipment, and resources;.

when is coercive power necessary?

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